A Public School Teacher is Proud to Endorse Wendy Rogers for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District

My name is Roxann Granger.  I’m a middle school public educator, patriot, and daughter of the American Revolution.  I hope my colleagues in public education will pay special attention to what I say next.  I also have a special love in my heart for the U.S. Marine Corp.

My ancestors have served on the front lines of liberty since my 6th great grandfather, Philip Shive, served in the 6th and 7th Pennsylvania Regiments in the American Revolution.  He was at Valley Forge with General George Washington, served in several battles after Valley Forge, and was finally taken prisoner of war at the Battle of Camden, South Carolina, 1780.  My grandfather, William Reid Granger, was gravely wounded on the black sands of Iwo Jima in February 1945.  My dad was a Marine who served in Viet Nam.  I was born at Camp Lejeune and later wore a badge for the Harnett County Sheriff’s Department, NC.  That badge required I swear an oath to support our U. S. Constitution and our American flag.  I was proud to continue the great heritage of my blood line.

As a product of the American educational system and descendant of Patriots, I’m deeply grieved and angered to witness the hideous decline in the teaching of love of country, patriotism, service to others, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  Liberty is fragile and easily lost. To this day, more than 200 years after the American Revolution, free speech is still not a guaranteed right in the United Kingdom as can be attested to by #FreeTommyRobinson. 

After very careful consideration of all available conservative candidates, I have chosen the one I support.  Of the two leading candidates, I asked the same questions.  One candidate provided little to no response and strongly implied he censors free speech on his Congressional page.  Even the mere implication of free speech censorship is reprehensible to me.  Grandfather Shive literally shed his blood for that liberty.  The other candidate patiently endured answering ALL of my questions.  In short, I endorse Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers, retired, for Arizona Congressional District #1.  I am confident my military ancestors support my choice.  For those currently serving in the military and who have served, I think I need say no more.  The blood of my ancestors will haunt me to my grave if I support a political candidate who will not risk her own blood to serve you to the fullest measure of her soul.

To my colleagues in both public and private education, I asked Lt. Col. Rogers if she will “PUSH, PUSH, PUSH for an increased national respect for the recognition of teachers in public education as a true profession.”  Just like law enforcement, doctors, and lawyers, we are required to undergo rigorous professional training and meet standards of expectations which are directly tied to whether we continue as educators and to our paycheck’s bottom lines.  In the following three bullet points, I will fully quote Wendy’s answers.

  • As a colonel in America’s Air Force I’ve had the privilege of working alongside those who’ve sacrificed everything to serve our nation, many of whom have transitioned into our country’s education system.  The future of our nation may be protected by our armed forces, but the other guardians are the men and women in the classrooms. Never before has a profession been so woefully underfunded, disrespected, or misunderstood.  Everyone, from politicians to parents, has been complicit in the continued degradation of our most precious resource; our children.”
  • “As a former homeschooling parent, I understand the difficulties of teaching children and when I’m elected I will put emphasis on the importance of education and will work day and night to return power away from Washington and put it back into the hands of parents, teachers, and local communities.”
  • “It’s time we merge the Department of Education with another department and reduce its role.  Education is the responsibility of parents, local communities, and schools. Common Core and No Child Left Behind were complete disasters.  I will do everything I can as your congresswoman to make education local again.”

My fellow Americans, if you want an Arizonan who will fully support President Trump, who not only supports the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights but actually knows what they are and what they mean, who supports and IS a veteran, and who knows the desperate needs of American education, then I ask you to vote for Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers on August 28th!

Find out more at www.wendyrogers.org.

Wendy Rogers


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